A Little More About Me

My name is Natalie, I am a 25 year old battling obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.

I struggle with contamination OCD, one of many forms that OCD can take on.

I love art, music and literature. In the side menu you can find the “What’s On Repeat Today?” section. I include this because music is a very important piece of my life and my recovery. I love finding music that speaks what I have been struggling to say.

In the side menu you will also find “My Piece of Happiness for Today”. While battling something so dark and scary, I try to remind myself to find even just a small piece of happiness every day; even the tiniest gleam of hope is not insignificant. You will see that this doesn’t get updated every day, but I feel that even if I can’t seem to find something, at least I have thought about it. At least I have remembered that there is hope out there and I am still fighting for it.

I fought and won my battle with my contamination OCD that was focused on the chemical Formaldehyde.

Currently my contamination OCD is focused on blood and infectious diseases. As of now, my OCD is very severe, doing a good job at keeping me down. But stay tuned…

Please feel free to contact me on the Contact page. 

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